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Wearable graph

Burnt siena: Chihuahua (Cd. Juarez)
Cadmium yellow: Sinaloa
Cadmium yellow + Ultramarine blue: B. California

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Poster IDEAS

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IDEA: Stereoscopic 3D OLED ROOMS with tele-immersive technology

December, 6th, 2020

This is my third day away from my hometown and I already miss my friend Erminia so much, the OLED displays had arrived yesterday, but the room still has details to be refined.

December, 11th, 2020

At last! The room is ready; I had encountering feelings uprising in my insides as I approached the white door. I knew the displays were on the walls, ceiling and floor, and I had a pretty good preconceived idea of what I was going to find in there, the elements’ configuration, the lighting, the silence…and still.

After five deep breaths I turned the door knob open. “Oh! Take off your shoes, Ulysse.” I almost forgot to do so; this thought struck my mind before stepping into the Cube, it is not a rule applied to these polyvalent rooms, but it alleviates home chores, actually had I not taken them off, nothing important would have happened, for I would be able to clean the dust from the OLED display on the floor with a cleansing tissue, no water because these displays are still very sensitive to liquids.

I was dragging my feet, mesmerized by the dark squared OLED, so thin, so graceful but so dead. My first instinct was to sit on the translucent cushioned couch in the middle of the room. It is like an elongated island floating on Organic Light Emitting Diodes displays. It is on that island that I am going to hug my friend again. But not today…the Cube has not been connected to Ad Astra net (AAnet) yet. I know Erminia’s Cube is fully functional now, though, she called me early this morning.

December, 13th 2020

Today was the Big Day, I got connected to AAnet, I had Erminia’s favorite animated movie “Toy Story – 2020 revisited”. There was no need for her to have the movie, as the AA connection allows me to share the film projection to her own displays. The best part, however, was to feel her company, she was sitting at my side and before the movie started, we could hug and exchange some words. This was possible, let me tell you, thank to Tele Immersion, Erminia was not there with me, but a real time 3D representation of her with audio transmission thru the stereoscopic OLED displays beneath us. Actually, at her home in England, she was video tracked with an array of fast-refreshing video cameras, at the same time other cameras were capturing light patterns projected in the room to reproduce the required depth, and a 3D scanner was complementing the 3D representation and portraying the actual color of her clothing. This representation was re-created on the displays located beneath the translucent couch, and projected some centimeters above the OLED display surface so as to create the illusion of Erminia being on it and not going through it. Conversely, Erminia had a good representation of me in her own Cube Room.

I realized Erminia was using Very Irresistible, I don’t know why it is her favorite; I find it so sweet… I asked her to spray a little in the Gel Aromatic Machine anyways, the computer then de-codified the smell and transferred it to my own Aromatic Machine from where, trough the integrated fan, Givenchy filled up the atmosphere, it made hugging so much more realistic… “Much more”, not really, just “more” because without GA Machine (which is sold separately) you have already the sense of touch very exploited. In fact, haptic sensors that recall small electrode massager pads are stuck innocuously on the skin, then some forces, vibrations are applied, this mechanical stimulation creates the sensation of really touching the projections, and allows remote control of the displays, movie reader and other devices.

Indeed, by the pertinent pointing of the fingers, I can turn on and off, lights, the displays (at once, or selectively), the GA Machine, the AAnet connection, etc. and so can the other people inside the room (physically not in hologram). Now, let’s talk about the amazing experience of visual delight. These OLED displays, are not only special because they are made by OLED, that is, more environment friendly, thinner, flexible and bright but because they have been enhanced with stereoscopic 3D technology, a stereo image is formed by the super positioning or rapid sequence of images of the same object taken from the point of view of the right and left eye, creating the 3D effect.

Image taken from Tom’s Hardware “Auto stereoscopic Displays” Weinand, L. (2005)

The stereo zone, however will be larger for these display will also have Eye tracking systems based on small cameras, so as to give the public greater freedom of movement by adjusting the lens plate in real time. This feature is particularly important for the Cube Room as projected movies are decomposed in a way that the front OLED display, the right, the left, the one on the ceiling and on floor show the images corresponding to the front (main action), the right, the left (this two mainly used for decorative elements of a place or landscape such as trees, extras…), the up (sky, virtual ceiling…) and down (lawn, soil…) respectively. So head mobility, specifically, the eye mobility is essential.

Indeed, the first time in the Cube was very good, we could enjoy “Toy Story 2020 revisited” and the first thing that amazed me was that we could feel inside another world from the very beginning, just thru the movie menu in which while pointing the fingers to “Set up” I felt being part of a giant Toy Trunk. When the movie was over, I turned off the screens (except for the one on the floor) and held a video-hologram chatting with Erminia for some hours.


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Iconic Symbols

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There you go, my iconic symbols depicting daily (fictional and otherwise) activities. :D

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